Adrian Flux - simply avoid

Maybe after the event, worth a look for others/future needs.


Just my take but you have to prove negligence, with procedure or inspection of the car, as if you were in a civil court. Negligence is not doing something that you should.

The T’s and C’s are suspect if, on p1, they say that if nothing has changed then you don’t have to do anything (other than sign a declaration ) Is signing a declaration saying nothing has changed more persuasive than not sending in the same photos again.?

The inspection is suspect in my opinion if a judgement on structural issues has been made without physically seeing the car. Imagine getting your house condemned as structurally unsound by a structural surveyor doing a desktop appraisal. His feet wouldn’t touch the ground. Was the desktop appraisal here done by a qualified assessor?

Has the relevant appeal procedure been adhered to? There may be smallprint in the Terms that actually works to your advantage.

By taking your premium and offering cover there seems to be an implication that the other side was also happy with the contractual terms and so it could be argued that it is binding on the parties.

Best of luck.

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I used AF a few years ago, when a gent in a Ford Ranger came around a snow drift and I could see he wasn’t going to stop in time. Slammed the A5 in reverse, as I was crawling because of the road conditions. Managed to back up @ 5 yds before he inevitabely hit me.
He addmitted liabilty, exchanged numbers and texts saying he admitted liabilty.

2 months on after the repair I get a note saying I need to pay my excess for the claim.

Turns out that NFU who insured the other party, denied liabilty and said it was 50/50. Called AF and they said I’d never given them the text’s as evidence (False) and they couldn’t fight it as no independent witness.

I gave up after 3 months of sending them evidence of me submitting the text’s to them, for them to just shrug their shoulders. Called the legal helpline and couldn’t use my own policy against them. Would have needed to go through small claims.

Needless to say, haven’t used them since.

Good luck, wish I’d have fought harder because impacted my insurance for the next 5 years, despite the Protected NCD.


I doubt “Dan” is actually a singular chap/individual , but a generic general purpose AF login. Point is, don’t expect a personalised “experience” from he/she/ it. They are a profit oriented brokers. They have to be…like them all…or put the key in the door. Notable from time to time by their/its/ his/her absence which I’ve noted before over the years when they go pear shaped. I used them once…which was enough but you live and learn…probably just unlucky given hundreds swear by them, I fail to see a viable reason why anyone would recommend them when it only takes a cuppa and 30 mins online to do a comparison site choice. Things have moved on so much since the AF halcyon days.


They are just retailers now, with one part of their business cross-subsidising another when it suits them.

When I likened their actuaries to a bookmaker - assessing risk, quoting a price and taking a margin - my old PII broker went mad and accused me of “insulting the profession”. This was after increasing my premium for ten years in a row, despite no claims and a dwindling number of risks as I wound down my turnover, moving towards retirement.

I told her the average bookmaker was more honest and open, priced things up accurately with regard to the market and only took a 6% margin. End of conversation.


Footman James arrangement fee for me is 13% of total, same as last year.

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Finally some good news. After an ultimatum with AXA requesting them to give me a final letter to send to the ombudsman they agreed to instruct copart to give my car back as long as the claim is canceled. Since the claim is canceled they won’t register any category or loss at the vehicle. so two months late but better late than ever. I’m overseas right now so hopefully by mid April my car will be on the road again.

I’m getting Hagerty insurance next year


Hopefully no one left the windows down for 3 months.

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Really hope not…

Thats basically what happened to a car I valeted a couple of weeks back! Seats covered in mould so we steam cleaned the entire interior. Kintyre Valeting & Cleaning Services | Campbeltown


Well, it has been a while so I thought I’d give you guys an update. I bought a grey nc2 1.8 with a busted engine to use as donor and fix mine. in the meantime I was overseas and came back to the UK on 27th March. After the agreement with AXA I have arranged for copart to deliver the car back to me on the 28th. I rang them the week before and confirmed they would deliver n the 28th. On Thursday 28th I took the donor car to my mechanic but my car nada. So I rang them at lunchtime and again I was in a trio conversation with copart wolvehampton, their headquarters and axa why the car was not delivered on the agreed day and why they have not done whatever they needed to do especially when they had a month to sort their paperwork out …, Anyway on the Thursday afternoon I got the confirmation that apparently it will be delivered early next week (this week) so I’m expecting to see my car again soon and start with the repairs.

well… wish me luck


Eventually, I got the car back on the 5th of April. No mold inside but my antennae had gone missing, the battery was flat but at least no visible damage that the car had been manhandled. It’s currently being worked on and I will get it back on the road soon.


What a sorry saga! the best thing i can say about insurance companies is, they are a necessary evil!

This is very worrying to hear as the MG Owners Club (who my husband is a member of) have just ditched Lancaster Insurance in favour of Adrian Flux.

I hope you get this sorted to your satisfaction

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