Advice needed: Budget DIY rust prevention

Could I easily do all 4 wheel arches with one can?

If so, could I in theory get away with Dinitrol 4941 just the wheel arches and Lanoguard the rest of the under chassis?

Yeah. I don’t want to miss anything.

I strongly recommend rust converter first mate, yep one can would cover all 4 , however your probably only going to get a thin coat.
I gave mine three coats each, but I had bought a fair few as I did the chassis also.

Bummer. Well, I’ve already bought the Lanoguard. I just wanted something quick, cheap and easy as the rubbish wet winter weather has already arrived. :sweat_smile:

Dinitrol seems the toughest rust protection prevention product, but takes more prep and time to set between building up coats. Doing it in this weather outside isn’t ideal.

Should have thought about this during the summer. Nevermind… it’s all a learning curve. Not even had the car 6 months yet. :rofl:

Lanoguard should provide adequate protection for this winter to get me by?.

It’s certainly better than nothing! If you give it a good clean back with a wire brush and a wipe down even with some Wd40 or similar to displace any water after cleaning. It should do a good job of keeping it tidy over winter.
It’s made it this far without! :blush:

Jet washed ,
Rubbed down with drill / wire wheel ,
Rust killer ,
Treated with TETROSEAL,
Coating of lanogaurd

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I used tetroseal on the underbody of my old car and it was great, very oem finish. :+1:

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Day after lanogaurd application :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand: