aerial photo's of National rally


Photo’s courtesy of Biggles Bryn former Peaks and Pennines member taken from his radio controlled glider.

the wind and rain didnt help, but this shot does include the overflow field and the car park fro a different angle

thanks Bryn

That is sooooooo Cool!!! And I think I can see my car and everything!! LOL

Thanks dude!!!



Marvellous, thanks.

Well done…Thanks for sharing them with us Big Smile top man Bryn

Excellent! Thank you. Looks great! Thumbs upRose

Fantastic ,Thumbs up

anyone fancy counting them up ?

To quote Baldrick “many”,

fantastic set of pics, well done that man.


Cool as a cool thing in a cool contest Thumbs up

Spotted the plane flying but didn’t know what was happening. If you had announced it on the PA we would have waved. The bridge on the way in was a good vantage point but nothing like this. Another feather in the cap of the organisers and thanks to Biggles Bryn.

Paul CoolThumbs up

 Hi Paul

thanks for comments, we did try to think of everything,

I even applied for a Red Arrows fly past, and right up until 2 weeks before we were still on for it,

 but it wasn’t to be.

now that would have been the icing on the cake, maybe we were expecting too much.

best regards


 To give you all an idea of scale,

 the field is 300 yards long by 150 at widest down to 25 at far end, car parking area



There are probably 1/3 to 1/2 more cars down by the river, obscured by the trees, parked by my own fair hand,