After putting new battery on idle seems to drop when let throttle off p

Hi anyone had a change in the idle on 2006 2Ltr
After changing to a new battery

Standard, it will sort itself out don’t worry.

Ok great many thanks

What it is doing is dropping below normal then back up

The adaptive ECU on the NC takes a while to ‘relearn’ the settings for the car after the battery has been disconnected. It will get there.


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Cheers thank you

Mine wouldn’t sort itself out even after 2 weeks,so this is what I did thanks to help from people on this site.

Key in ignition turn on but dont start engine leave for 1 minute

Turn ignition off leave 1 minute then start the car.

Let car idle upto temperature around 15 minutes then switch on all electrical items headlights a/c etc.

Let idle for another 10 minutes then switch off and all should be good.

Another important point make sure terminals are on really tight.

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Ok thanks not using it as should do at moment but I will see how I get on thanks for all comments to all