Aftermarket Coilovers MK3 2.0

Just looking at coilovers for my 2007 pfht 2.0 sport.
People say the MesiterR’s are the way to go but there’s 3 types

MeisterR Sportive £529
MeisterR ZetaCRD £800
MeisterR Clubrace £900

Are their any other companies to consider?
I believe the ZetaCRD would be best as I will mainly be driving on the street but the Sportive look appealing at their lower price although only adjustability is the height.

Tein Flex Z is £730 but the quality does look as good as the Meister.
Basically wanted to have coilovers fitted and have the car set up so it’s more precise.

The popular choice for road is the ZetaCRD. The Sportive is a twin tube design which, for road use is fine but not as responsive as the mono-tube ZetaCRD and could fade in track use.
Tein Flex, I found did not suited to UK roads.

You could also look at the Bilstein range, maybe a B12 or B14.

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Has anyone tried the HSD coilovers?

£645 buys you the set on their 7kg/5kg spring rate, twin tube design and delivered.


Didn’t know if your in a rush for coilovers at all, this might make up your mind.

I’m a authorized dealer for Tein & MeisterR and I enquired about the eta on the ZetaCRD which I would recommend for the Mk3, I run the same on my Rx8, they feel great. They are out of stock till at least March.

MeisterR Sportive £529 in stock
MeisterR ZetaCRD £800 not in stock till March
MeisterR Clubrace £900 not in stock till March

The Teins are also very good too, I think the MeisterR have the edge and they are slightly lighter, however I have order a set of Tein Flex Z for our new standard demo Mk3, as I think it will be good to compare, plus they are in stock.


I’m in no rush but also not doing any track days, it’s mainly to keep the fun aspect of the car but to make it more compliant with the roads where I live, a lot of pot holes and speed humps.

I had a mk2 with MeisterR ZetaCrd and they were very nice.
The Tein in the photos just didn’t look as good quality, was just something about them but that can be down to image or maybe because they are green on green, weird color choice, the Meister black with red might just look more sporty.

The HSD just seemed like decent value at £645 delivered.
HSD options for NC

I fit Vmaxx, adjustable height, fixed damping. Can’t comment about the comparison with meister (am a little intrigued to be honest), but a huge improvement I’ve the original bilsteins with eibach springs. Best of all, £400 for the set

Whatever colour they are, 99 times out 100, you’ll not be able to see them

I know but from the photos the Meisters just looked better quality, the finish seems nicer, even the cheaper HSD to me look better than the Tein Flex Z.The bottoms of the Meister looks like it’s machined from one piece of metal where as the Tein and HSD are tube sections with the bushing mount welded to it. Even the Meister “C” spanner is better quality.


I was being lazy when it comes to Vmaxx as I was under the impression you need to use your OEM top hats? I was kind of hoping to sale my OEM suspension as it works fine but wouldn’t really be able to with the Vmaxx.

Interesting youtube vid showing the durability of the meisters

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