Aftermarket Exhaust

Hi all,

I’m all new to this and from Thanet, so hopefully will meet you all soon at Plucks Gutter. Enjoyed the first magazine since joining the club.

I’ve recently purchased a 2.0 sport 1996 and love it to bits. Somethings always cheap on eBay for a reason and it went straight into the workshop for an engine rebuild after getting back from Wolverhampton! However that’s in the past! The cars now great and love it,

I’m getting some Kumi tyres fitted after reading reviews but now want a new silencer. I’m not after performance as I know its a Cat mod and manifold change etc which funds won’t allow. Just want it to sound like a sports car should without being a boy racer. I’m split between the MX5 parts one and the Colbalt from Moss. Any help will be appreciated. I’m at that price range so the Cobra is not in the equation before anyone suggests it. Hopefully see you soon. Thanks, Treve.

Personally I can recommend the Cobalt, looks good, sounds good, sounds like a sports car should, but not too "in your face " , and quite a popular choice, and after a few hundred miles ,the sound settles down to a slightly deeper and more subtle note, but in a good way :blush:


Thanks Boz, one more thing! Does this exhaust still pass the DB levels if I decide to do a track day!? If you or anyone knows help will be appreciated.

Sorry I know nothing about track days, but I’m sure someone on the forum will hopefully answer your question :+1:


I have a Cobalt Rear box that I fitted 500 miles ago. Whilst I’ve not had it measured, I’d be very surprised if it failed a db test. I intend to track mine, so it was a consideration for me also.
With regards to sound, I agree with Bos, the sounds develops over the first few hundred miles. It now develops a deep burble and the occasional pop, which I really like.

The cobalt would fly through a sound test , you have no worries on that score .

Great thanks for your help.

Thanks Paul. Sounds like my minds made up!! Now to find the cheapest price!

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