Air from the cold side of the engine (K&N filter)

Hi all,

MK1 1995 1.8 - Track car, it has a K&N in place of the std air box. Want to move the intake over to the cold side of the engine. As it’s a track car I’m looking to place the filter in the light pod with a scoop on the light cover. On the standard ducting from the throttle body there are two lines connected to it one from the head and one near the throttle body, both highlighted in the pictures below. The airflow meter is fine I can rewire that however;

  1. UPDATED I’s it simply a breather from the head and can this go to an oil catcher or just a filtered breather if it’s just drawing air - Established this is just a breather, will filter or run to a oil catcher

  2. UPDATED Ok so this is the air intake to the idle speed control HOWEVER not sure if this needs to be under positive pressure or neutral??? If the latter I can just filter this???