Air/water chargecooler

Hey guys, this is my first ever post so be gentle


I am in the middle of designing a supercharger setup for my MX5 daily driver. (a 1.8 nb) I have decided to use the Mini m45 for ease of use as I am not after big power. I want reliability with low pressure loss so I want to use an air/water chargecooler which appear to be less restrictive, less turns in the airflow and less throttle volume. I am aware of the Fiat Cinquecento radiator but wanted to keep the mouth clear if I could for engine cooling.

I have seen a number of people put 25 row oil coolers in the front weel wells for engine cooling and got to thinking whether 2 such coolers (one each side) with a 25 row by 235 matrix would provide 456 cm2 total cooling area with a volume of 1-1.2 litres with piping. Also these coolers would be isolated from any heat soak by the chassis rails and have good airflow through the wheel well. I just don’t know whether the liquid volume is enough or whether I am over complicating the set up.


TBH a nice £20 radiator would be easier but who like easy when modding!