Aircon and Kwik fit

  1. My model of MX-5 is: __NC (2009)
  2. I’m based near: __Glasgow
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: __aircon

Although I’ve had the car over 18 months, today was the first time I have tried the cold air part of the AC. To my surprise, I could only get fairly tepid, rather than cold, air.

From what I’ve read on this forum the most likely solution is for the system to be re-gassed. My local Kwik fit does this for £58, which seems reasonable. Is this the sort of job that they could be trusted on?


If you have an ATS Euromaster near you, you can get a Groupon for an aircon regas for £38, saves you £20 and they’ve always been good whenever I’ve used em

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Thanks - that’s good to know. I didn’t think about them, despite the fact that I got a great deal on tyres last year from them!

Just bought the Groupon and booked for re-gas next week. Thanks again

Good saving and not wishing to put a dampener on matters.
BUT it is not always just a straight forward re-gas.
So far one of my cars (which was a Mazda 2, now sold only 18 months old at the time and warranty) and my daughters cars and others I know of, the condenser has let go in some way.
Let’s hope not, but if it is you are pretty much stuck with ATS (at expense).

Just an opinion, it’s always best to take it to a good independent one first and they will check and tell you what the problem is before spending any money.

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I would if I could avoid Kwikfit, I find that most of their fitters don’t have opposable thumbs.


No problem at all!
@Scarletpimpernel is right, almost every car I’ve owned (that had air con) has ended up with a leak at some point. I have a huge hole in one of the coolant lines in my BMW 3 series at the moment. It’s like I’m destined not to have air conditioning!

But, the good news is that ATS will pressure check the system first, and if there’s any leaks, they won’t regass it and you can either use the Groupon voucher on another car or get in touch with Groupon and they’ll give you a refund. Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


You really need to use AC at a very minimum every few months, or the seals will dry out.

It dries the air as well as cooling it, so can be used in winter to keep windows condensation free.

Even if you’re in the “top always down” camp, you should get into the habit of running the AC from time to time.

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I’ve got a daily driver 5 door hatch. The climate is never off, just set it to auto and leave it. I adjust the temp for the time of year that’s all. It’s never been regassed in 6 years, still blows icey cold. So yes use it or lose it as above post, it does need some use occasionally.

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Thanks all. I should say that I do use the Aircon, but just not for cold air. On the few really hot days we have had (around Glasgow) I either haven’t been in the car or have had the top down. This week was unusual in that I had to put the top up because it felt too hot. Those of you familiar with Glasgow weather wouldn’t be surprised to learn that I was in England when this happened!

Anyway, fingers crossed for a simple solution from Euromaster next week.


Should be in Scotland this week but that’s another story, we’ve been before. I must say on those occasions we yearned for aircon in the NC to keep us cooler, lucky or what with the weather? May or September has been kind to us there that’s why we stick to those months to holiday there. We would’ve been travelling towards Ullapool today, not to be, maybe next September.

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I undid what appeared to be a bracket in the hope of making it easier to access the sidelight and it turned out to be a joint in the aircon piping, so I inadvertently released some pressure.
I need to top up to replace the lost gas, so could you tell me about the Groupon thing with ATS please.
Many thanks

Hi, you buy a voucher from Groupon (photo attached) and the acknowledgement email allows you to book a top up from Euromaster. At the time of the service you present the voucher, and Euromaster accept that as payment. Saves just over £20.

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wow, thanks :blush:

You can buy a kit & gas and do it yourself for about £50. A bit more than £38 I know but handy if you have more than 1 car to do. It comes with a pressure gauge so you can check if it is holding pressure. The gas is supposed to have something in it that seals leaks. Don’t know about this but I did mine a few months ago now & it has been fine since.


I took the AC compressor and condenser off my Mk 1 Eunos, another 15kg less and I was never going to use it anyway!

I looked up groupon ats aircon recharge and got £60.00…

I think Groupon have a limited number of vouchers available for different things and close the offer when they hit the target. As you say, the offer is no longer showing as available.

Just back from Euromaster. Regas complete, and all pretty efficient as far as I could see. Cold Aircon available - just in time for winter!