Aldi headlamp restoring kit

Bought an Aldi headlight restoring kit in Aldi yesterday for a fiver.
You get a range of sandpapers
4 polishing cloths
A sanding block
Polishing compound
I didn’t need any sandpaper but the polish worked well.
Only time will tell on the sealant.
I found a little water helped stop the polish from getting too sticky and messy. I kept polishing until no more brown oxidised stuff was coming off and then washed and dried the headlights before applying the sealant.
Great result.
Other kits may work even better but not at this price…


I have used the turtle wax kit before, it worked great but started to oxidise again after about 6 months, now I just give them a polish with some t-cut every year.

I’ve been doing similar but despite using wax to seal the lenses, I find it needs to be done pretty often
The Aldi compound has polished the lenses enough that a blemish where someone has used something hard to scrape off an insect or something is now showing up when it didn’t before.

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I just give them a quick buff with auto glym polish. Sealer would probably help it last longer, but every 6 months or so seems to work.

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That’s pretty much what I’ve been doing but a fiver is little enough to be worth a punt and it has made them glossier than they were before.
I was surprised how much brown came off, I thought they were pretty good already

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Without a UV coat they’ll be back yellowing before too long

There is a “sealant” in the kit but I’ve no idea how effective is