Alloy Pedals ND

Hi All

Small, simple and cheap mod, I.L.Motorsport alloy pedal covers. Look nice when you open the door and feel nice if like me you drive bare foot.


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:smiley: Just this second ordered mine from MX5 Parts while in the sale!!
Looking forward to fitting them now I’ve seen yours!

Look very nice, how easy were they to fit?

Hi Baggers200

They are of a good quality and I think you will be pleased with them.


Hi MRH1962

I found them easy to fit. The throttle and foot rest are attached with self tapping screws to the original pedals. For the brake and clutch you remove the original rubbers and press fit the new ones in their place. The brake and clutch covers are a tight fit and I found it best to remove the alloy covers from the new rubbers by bending back the securing tabs. Then fit the new rubbers to the pedals and place the alloy covers over the top and bend the tabs back into place. They are a very good fit and don’t move around or vibrate.


Marvellous, many thanks Mark, helpful advice

Thanks Mark.
Reading the reviews on MX5Parts a few people did say the clutch and brake pedals were a little awkward to fit and some suggested putting them in hot water for a few minutes beforehand as well

Another pic of the pedals close up so you can see where the screws go.


How do these compare with the Mazda ones. I know price is a major factor but are they worth the extra?

Hi Mad_Malc

I honestly don’t know how they compare. These were an impulse buy last spring from MX5parts during one of their sales. I did look briefly at the Mazda ones but decided to go with the cheaper ones from MX5parts. I have been pleased with them so far.


I decided to go for the Mazda ones and this is what they look like.

They look good and the quality is fine but the price is exorbitant for what they are.


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Had mine fitted from new, but I completely agree with what you say Malc!

For the Mx-5 parts ones do you feel a difference in the grip on the bottom on the foot?


Hi AK, They are both from MX5Parts and are provided to them by Mazda and IL Motorsport.
For the Mazda ones I would say the clutch and brake is ‘grippier’ and the other two are the same.

Hi Malc

The pedals look good, very sporty.


Hi A.K.

I agree with Malc grip wise. I would also say the throttle in particular feels a lot more tactile.