Alloy wheels refurbished

Just got my wheels back from Diamond Alloys in Derby, they’ve made a first class job. Forgot to take a before photo but they where badly kerbed and paint flaking off. Like new now :grinning:


They look great.

Have you got the car jacked up?

I’m in Derby so if I need any wheels doing thanks for the heads up.:+1:

Yes was still on axle stands when I took photo, was nearly dark when finished so will take more pics tomorrow

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Great results. They look like new in the image.

I’m really pleased with them, they do look new. The centre caps are the original silver ones, striped the chrome logo off and sprayed them matt black

I thought it was just jumping for joy having new look wheels…

They also have a place in Northolt, West London. I have used them several times. The finish is great and you will be pleased to hear long lasting, 7 years on they still look new on a car that is used daily.

That’s good to know.