Alternator Bolts - Is this a Mk2 bolt?

I just wanted to ask, is this the normal bolt setup for a Mk1 1.8 alternator on a '95/6 car?

The reason I’m asking is that every video I’ve seen, and the book I own, say that it should be the same setup as the PAS pump - a short bolt with nut, and then the adjuster bolt - which is how my PAS setup is.

As you can see though, all mine has is the adjuster bolt and then instead of a normal short bolt, a bolt with a smaller cylinder at the end which mx5parts lists as being for the Mk2 only.

So I just wondered if the at some point Mazda changed the setup on the Mk1 or if someone has used Mk2 parts.

Since I’m having to buy a new adjuster bolt (the PAS one sheared in half and so it’s how I noticed the other bolt being labelled as Mk2 only while viewing the mx5parts site) I just wondered if this setup is perfectly adequate/normal or if I should invest in the correct? nut/bolt at the same time.