An Intro into my 30th Anniversary Edition

I filmed a little intro into my new 30AE, explaining some of the difference and what make it unique!

There’s an accompanying gallery here too:

Cracking car and very clear and informative video, looking forward to the inevitable tuning video at some point in the future :slight_smile:

No Blind Spot Monitor on our soft top, is it only specific to the Hard Top model?

It’s not on my RF either.  Not listed in the UK AE30 brochure.  Maybe he meant the lane departure warning? 

However he possibly just looked up the wrong car as BSM is listed in the spec for American AE30’s  along with rear camera, sharkfin and orange roof.  Not all AE30’S are created equal, as can be seen if you read the comparison chart in the back of the book Mazda send out to owners.