Annes personal regitration number.

I have the registration T90ANS for sale. its on a retention certificate with all the fees paid so all you have to do is by some plates and a couple of signatures.

its been up with a couple of cherished sales agencies for a month or two for £500or so as they said this was its value. Maybe in time somebody would pay this amount for it but i want to get rid of it.

I am therefore offering it for what it cost me to put it on retention. £100.

With a crafty screw it reads T SOANS or maybe T JOANS,  but obviously i couldnt condone such irresponsible behaviour .

Obviously if your wife, mother or girlfriend is called Anne, and you buy this for her as a prezzie , you will be flavour of the month.


I would avoid that plate to be honest. A couple of misplaced screws could imply that the owner is undergoing  some kind of medical procedure

Tha wouldn’t have even crossed my mind. Nor has it ever been mentioned. Funny how certain minds work. 


It frightens me at times how my mind works. Good luck with your sale