Anniversary sprint challenge

Hi I’m new to mx5 owner’s club ,just wandered if you can have 2 people in car when having a go at sprint challenge, as I would like to book my slot at gaydon Smile

Hi Lucky,
Am unsure but here is contact so you can find out.

Nick Dougill


MoT Trackdays
Building 8, The Old Depot,

Bridge Street,




+44 (0) 781 800 3267

There is no problem to this, obviously you need to book two places though. 

Just let us know on the day when you arrive for your session. 

What we will do practically, is send your car out twice, so if we have the full 10 cars, then say you are car 1, you will also be car 5. 

What it means for you however, and this is the important bit is that you need to be ready to change drivers promptly, as by the time you finish and get back to the start and in the correct place there will be very little “faffing” time.   

I think Lucky is asking if you can have a passenger not if the car can be used by two different drivers in the same session. I could be wrong of course. My wife is always of this opinion!!!

Unless something specifically stops us, I would expect to have passengers in cars.

They must be very brave!


is that based on the average MX5 drivers skills? ???


I will not be carrying ballast in the passenger seat Too Much Body Roll .


I had a go at this today and it was such good fun!! Great little track layout, thanks to organisers and timers

Leigh did pretty well (I think) with a passenger (me).  What times did others get?  We got 51.37

Brilliant little session, track was well laid out.
We got 50.31 with no power steering, abs or lsd.
Our car then won Best standard Mk1 on Sunday.
So a great weekend!