Annoying rattle after clutch change

Hi all, I’ve just changed my clutch (NA 1.6) and now I have a very annoying rattle which only disappears when I engage clutch. The noise is more apparent when slowing down, has anybody had this issue and if so how was it rectified. PS it is NOT heat shields as I have check and ruled them out. Many thanks in advance Lee.

To confirm, the noise is there on overrun with your foot off the clutch pedal?

It could be transmission backlash noise, try a search for that. Did you check the height of the gearbox once you’d put it back in? The height is set depending on where is is when you tighten the PPF bolts up. If this is out of adjustment it may cause transmission noise.

One thing that I think, is that the weight of the replacement clutch assembly can have an effect on transmission backlash noise.

Could be your clutch release bearing. Did you check it when you put the new clutch in?

The noise is there all the time just louder as I decelerate then goes off when using the clutch. Replaced all but spigot bearing with a blue print clutch not official Mazda part.

You’ve refilled the box with oil haven’t you? Is the noise speed related? Vehicle speed or engine speed? Is the noise there when stationary or only when moving?

New oil in gearbox and the top where shifter goes in and yes only when moving it’s fine on tick over.

You’ve not disturbed any rust on the nose of the differential where the propshaft connects have you? I’ve know it catch on the companion flange where people have tried to clean it off.

Edit: The noise stops when you press the clutch so maybe not that. Does the pitch of the noise change with road speed?

There is no rust there if it helps the noise is very similar to a loose heat shield which I have none. I was going to try replacing the clutch plate with an official Mazda part to see if it makes a difference, can the springs within clutch assembly be an issue ?

Maybe, but when the car is moving the springs would be under tension so I wouldn’t expect them to rattle then. The whole clutch disc could be making a noise as it tensions and un-tensions I suppose. That would make some sense as the noise disappears when the load is taken off it.

You haven’t fitted a lighter fly wheel have you, while you were in there? I’ve seen plenty of people mention that this causes rattles.

No, still original flywheel.

I don’t know much about the NA, but my first thought was the clutch release/thrust bearing.
(Clutch is a clutch and all that)
Probably got a dud based on the fact the noise was not there before it was replaced?
The symptoms you describe matches the potential fault.
Just a thought :+1:

Just done a search with our American friends and they all talk about the “throw out” rattling in the clutch fork.
To you and I the release bearing.
Which again could match your symptoms :thinking:
May be of use, may be not. :+1:

Thank you will check this out.