Annual Body Inspection

When I have had my mx5 serviced at a Mazda Authorised dealer I have made sure that the Digital Service Record is updated to note a Body Inspection. Although I only have it on trust that the dealership has indeed carried out all the work noted on the DSR including the body inspection

Now I read in the Warranty Guidance booklet provided with new cars that I should not only get a print out of the DSR but also a copy of the body inspection record.

I have never been offered or given an Annual Body Inspection report that Authorised maxda dealerships should be able to get from

Do I need a copy of the Annual Body Inspection report to maintain the paintwork and perforation warranties offered by Mazda, and since I cannot register for access to portal.mazdaeur can anyone advise what the report looks like??


I always ask for a printout. On four occasions I have used a MX5 specialist for the annual service checking first that they had access to the online service record system. (I didn’t get or expect an online body inspection report from the specialist).

“I have never been offered or given an Annual Body Inspection report that Authorised Toyota dealerships should be able to get from”

Are you sure that the Toyota garage that you are using has access to Mazda’s online service record system?

Next time you pass a Mazda dealer, pop in and ask for a copy.



toyota should read mazda.

I don’t know why but when I make a post on this forum mazda always gets changed to toyota!!. I just missed that when previewing prior to posting.

The reason why I ask about bodywork inspection reports is that tomorrow we leave my wifes 2017 Mazda 3 Sportnav in for it’s first service. In the light of past experiences with Authorised Mazda service facilities I am sceptical that we will be get an official bodywork inspection report even if I ask for one.  

It is interesting to read that you to have never been offered an Annual inspection report despite the “Mazda Information booklet Warranty & Service” (provided with new cars) advising that one should be obtained. Page 17 of the booklet quotes “please ensure that you get a completed version of the body inspection sheet as proof that the body inspection has been performed”

My scepticism was unwarranted. The paperwork for the Mazda 3’s service was already complied when I arrived for the service. Including blank body inspection report sheet.

The body inspection noted and recorded stone chip on bonnet and on lower part of driver front door, both of which I had touched up through the year at the time of discovering with official Mazda touch up paint (soul Red). Three superficial scratches in the paint clear coat were also noted. One on the top part of the drive side front wing, one on the top of the driver side front door and one on the rear hatchback door. No remedial work was indicated or recommended on the report. I attended to the three scratches myself as they were easily removed in a few minutes with light polishing

The car is regularly cleaned and the bodywork and paintwork waxes and polished twice a year.

In my opinion the car is immaculate, so it seems to me that the point of the body/paint inspection is to note any marks through the warranty years. Since the inspection hasn’t recommended any remedial work hopefully I shouldn’t have any worries re any possible body/paint claims in the future.


As far as my MX5 ND is concerned body inspections have been noted on the DSR for 1st and 2nd services. Unfortunately I don’t have a copies of the reports and have no idea of what is noted.                                                                       For my MX5’s  the third service I must get a body/paint inspection report in the hope that I will keep the warranties intact.

Up until recently while a Mazda specialist rather than a Mazda Approved Dealer got free access to the Basic DSR system, they had to pay for access to complete and printout the mechanical checklist and also the Body Inspection Report.

These two check sheets are now free to access on the Mazda DSR system for those specialists registered on the Mazda DSR.

They do take some time to fill out and these days many garages are stuck for time and from my own checking, a number of dealers may well print out, fill in manually and file away the reports but not all are filled in online to allow someone at Mazda UK’s main office to review the sheets if issues come up in the future.

Interesting that Mazda may not have an online database of body inspection s to refer to.

That might mean that they ask the servicing garage and/or car owners for a copy of body/paint inspection reports for proof of inspections, defects and any remedial work before agreeing to honour any claim against body/paint warranties. If this is so then manually filled in reports are essential for any claim, yet it seems that the car owner may rarely get a print out.

Perhaps on the other hand Mazda would just refer to the DSR to check that body inspections have been done and that would be suffice.

In any case surely the latest annual body/paint inspection report would be enough to see the condition that the car has been kept in over the years.

Really the mind boggles over what is needed!!

Hate to revive this topic again but I failed to get a body inspection report (written or printed out) after an annual service last year.
The reason given by the dealership was they couldn’t get the system to accept their input? The dealership was relatively new Mazda and several months after the service they now say that they now can comply with the issue of body inspection report. Some 8 months and 5000 miles later they a prepared to do an inspection free of charge and issue a report.
I am not keen of having to valet the car, take a 45 mile round trip in the salty slush and wait for goodness how long in the dealership. In the absence of a body inspection report about 2 weeks and 400 miles after the service I did my own documented inspection (with pictures and video of any paint touch-ups etc). This in the hope that if I did claim against paint or perforation defects in the future my documented inspection would hold me in good stead.
The DSR does indicate that a body inspection was done and in the health check paperwork ticked “Bodywork” in the Green Zone, with comment to touched up paint chips and faint scratches.
In any case, apart from my reticence to revisit the dealership, am not sure how acceptable it would be to Mazda that a body inspection by the dealership has been carried several months after the annual service.
I would appreciate any views or advice from the forum as to what might be best to do.

My Sept 2018 car had it’s first service in September 2019.

As you noted there was a tick against underbody inspection as there should have been as I had completly undersealed the under the car. It was in green.

There was a tick against body paint under the heading “Outside The Car”

There was then a diagram of the car panels with no comments other than.

No body/paint issue detected.

If that helps.

The paperwork that have sections like “Outside the car”, Underbonnet , “Brakes &Hubs” etc I regard as the Health Checks. I have been given this paperwork after Annual Services. What I am not getting is the Body Check sheet with diagrams of the panels, indicating paint chips etc or stating things like "No Body/paint issues detected.