Another Canvey Island Newbie

Hi All. My Son had a J reg Mk 1 20 odd years ago which I drove occasionally and thought it was a great little car. I promised myself that I would get one (eventually!) and, probably as a result of a mid-life crisis and lockdown boredom I bought a 2016 Soul Red ND 1.5 SportNav back in October. I haven’t stopped smiling since! I then decided the best way to catch up with like minded MX5 enthusiasts was to join the MX5OC. Glad I did. I’ve managed a few cheeky short solo outings to keep the oil circulating and can’t wait to meet up at the North Thames Area meets and the national rallies later this year, all being well. Cheers for now, Paul

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Hi Paul, and welcome from Nottinghamshire… Glad to see you are loving your ND :slight_smile:
I find that just going to Aldi via a scenic route is great fun… the MX-5 factor :slight_smile:
Pics always welcome, especially on my ND thread! Below!
All the best. Rob

Welcome to the club!
Now off to look for Canvey Island on a map, as it seems to be the latest place to be…

Hi and welcome to the club from up in North Essex.
I lived on Canvey island in my teens and I worked on the speedway and bumper cars in the fair ground on the sea front ( is it still there ) haven’t been back since the 70s. May have a drive down when we are all let out and see what it’s like now. Happy motoring.

Hi and welcome. I’m over in Romford so not far away :+1:

Hello and welcome, had many hours of my misspent youth at Kings on Canvey , TOTS and Zero’s nightclub’s in Saarfend :+1:

Hi and welcome from an ex-Essex boy !

Hi Paul, I’m a newbie here as well and live in Benfleet, my test track is around Morrison’s roundabouts. Have a 2001 NB with the Rocketeer conversion which I’m upgrading slowly, being retired I can Hoon about at my leisure and go on trackdays to keep me out of trouble, going to Snetterton Monday.

Shame they all closed up over the last few years.

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Hi Paul,
As you may have already seen in another post, I’m also a newbie, and just up the road to you in Sunny Benfleet :sunglasses:

Hi Trevor, thanks for the message. I’ll keep an eye out for you. Mine’s a soul red mk4 with PKB as the last three reg letters. I’m off to the world record attempt in York the weekend after next and looking forward to that. Cheers, Paul

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Hi all. @pkbennett I took my old Megane for an MOT in June and came home with a 2003 blue 1.8iS Mk2 soft top instead. I’ve been getting teased about a ‘mid-life’ crisis too but with the smile my Mazda puts on my face I really don’t care. It’s the first car I’ve ever bought because I wanted it rather than because I needed it and after 45 years of driving I think I deserve it. I have to look at it every day even if I don’t go out in it (and I usually find an excuse to go somewhere most days). It’s so beautiful.
I’ve never washed a car by hand so often either.

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By the way, I’m from Essex too. I live in Goldhanger and will be along to the monthly meet at the Eagle in Kelvedon Hatch just as soon as I have a Wednesday evening free.

Hi Sniffy,. I’ve been in mid life crisis for the last 30 years, 70 in November :grinning: and hope it never ends.


I have just read this post, then re-read your post about where your test track is and it did make me laugh with you being nearly 70, I want to be like that when i get to that age :rofl: :rofl:
I see you are also in Benfleet, I’m up off of Thundersley Park Road area, are you anywhere near there?

Manor rd. There’s also an NA MX5 a few doors from me, we often have a chat about cars in general, I’ve offered him a ride around my test track but not happened yet due to lockdowns, holidays etc. Off to Snetterton tomorrow, should be fun in the wet.

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Likewise :+1: