Another Large Album Of Spring Rally Photos (121 Pictures).

Here are yet more pictures (121) from another photographic nut. Please feel free to contact me if you need copies of the pictures sending to you, just PM me an e-mail and I will gladly send you a copy/copies.

Regards Martin


 Superb photos. I’m sure the 20th anniversary one is owned by someone in my village near Maidstone.


Thanks for the kind comment. Not sure of where the 20th AE came from.

 Fantastic set of photos.  Thank you for uploading them, I couldn’t get there this weekend so it’s great to be able to get a flavour of the event.  Looks like a really good time!

 Theres some great and interesting piccys there…even my car was included. well done {}

Many thanks Goonz, glad you enjoyed them.


I AgreeI'm with Stupid!…and my number plate.



Fantastic photos and see Mazda Chick my car included thanksSmile Just to let you know the 20th Anniversary is owned by Dave and Val Harris they are South East Members, and very proud of their new car.

Thanks for all the lovely messages of thanks everyone and see you all at Silverstone or National


Sarah (Mazda Chick aka The Crimson Pirate) xxxx

 You have PM, or an email. I can’t remember which!

 Yes I know Dave and Val. The bring the car to the pub sometimes and it’s beautiful.

 Nice pic’s thanks for putting them up Wink

You are more than welcome for the pics and thank you very much for the very kind comments.

Who has e-mail/PM Doug??


Just had to snap your plate Sarah, nice one.

I would like to add my thanks as I had to go home at about 11:00, after unloading the club merchandise, due to illness. So I missed what I’m sure was a very good event.

super pickies , but my silver surfer was missing Sad…oh well im off to buy a "trotter mobile "



…he he not really !!! Devil

 Great pics only just got around to checking them out… Dont suppose you know who the red mk2.5 belongs too. Its the one that you have taken 2 pics of under the bonnet- its got a red K&N typhoon with red piping around a heatshield etc… Trying to source one you see!!