Another new Badger!

Hello I’m new to the forum and club etc.
Last year I moved from Exeter to the Crediton area and picked up a 5 for a bit of fun (embracing the mid life crisis) and now love it! however it dose need some TLC and was looking for some suggestions on good places to go for rust repairs.
I did see in some previous posts someone mentioned Exbourne cross…is this the place to go?

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Welcome along, I’m sure someone will offer suggestions soon, not a part of the world I’m familiar with.

I am also fairly new to the club also and have only just found the SW section!
We are also based in Crediton and have owned MX5s for several years now.
Have you started the rust repairs yet?
Look forward to hearing from you.

Hi Steve
no I haven’t started yet but I did go to Exbourne cross garage and had a chat with the guys there who seem to know there stuff. They were doing repairs on a mk1 at the time and explained what they were doing and how they did it, all good!
So I think i will go with them…he did say that its cheaper for us to buy wings etc. from retailers like MX5 parts than for them to buy them, especially if we can get club discounts …

I fail to see how it could be cheaper for Joe Public than for trade.
The same price perhaps but cheaper??

Hi, yeah I guess the vibe was if you can sours stuff cheaper than what his quote is then he’s cool with that…

It takes time to do research, look around and find the cheapest option. Often garages don’t have time to dig through websites and forums to get a heads up that there is a deal on with supplier A, but the bolts should come from Supplier B and if you buy from Germany you can get cheap bits but the postage costs… etc etc.

In short, time is money. So if the customer can do the leg work and shop around for parts, it is often the case that Joe Public can get necessary parts cheaper than someone in the trade can. Also throw in to the mix that a garage will have a regular supplier with accounts set up, delivery process agreed and no hassle with returns etc. Much easier to deal with than multiple Internet suppliers.

Just boils down to the cost of the time involved being more than the potential savings made.

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I, along with other club members, have used Exbourne Garage to care for both the MX5’s I have owned. The body shop guy, Carry, is just fantastic! His paintwork and paint matching is superb. Jake the workshop manager ensures all the mechanical work is done to a high standard. I had my Mk3 Icon MOT’d there last Monday and all was well. Just a little local garage but can be highly recommended. They are always busy as so many people trust them to do a good job. Rust repairs present them with no problem and they just won’t turn out a botched job. All has to be spot on.

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