Another new recruit

Having finally had to admit that my advancing years made it too difficult to get into or out of an MG Midget I decided that an MX5 was just what I needed. I now have a 20th Anniversary 1.8 in Aurora Blue Mica and am more than pleased with it, though the weather we’ve been having in here in Cornwall hasn’t been conducive to top down motoring.  Imagine how delighted I was when my first copy of STHT not only showed how cure the dreaded soggy footwell syndrome, but mentioned Millook which is just a few minutes drive from here. Clearly the right place to be.

Hello and welcome Martin   . The weather here in Devon isn’t any better.  

Flooded roads, water off the fields, down here in South Devon today.

Keep an eye on the roof drains in that car Martin. The ecu is in the passenger footwell so any damp of volume that gets into the car will likely get into that area.

If you suspect damp there, remove sill protector, lift carpet, remove metal protector plate and check to be sure all is dry. Any sign of damp, leave carpet to air until gone and check ecu and wiring/connectors for corrosion.