Any convoy’s going to elvington from hull?

anyone know of a convoy going to elvington from hull area Sunday?

Hi Evaro,

There are a few local MX5s meeting at Driffield at 08:30 and then using a scenic route to Elvington. If you want to join us then drop me a PM for more info. 


I live in Preston, East of Hull, and will be going to Elvington on Sunday and would be happy to join up with you. Does two constitute a convoy ?



I am in Keyingham! I waived to a blue MX-5 in Preston last Saturday! I was driving a Soul Red MX-5 RF!

I am happy to drive to Preston then onwards!


Can I suggest that we  meet in Sainsbury’s car park (Preston South) at 8am .

I drive a Mk3 white roadster, the blue mx5 could have been my neighbour. Look forward to meeting you.




Hi Charlie,

OK, I will be there on time!

Looking forward to meeting you too!