Any disillusioned photographers?

Currently I have quite a nice ‘bridge’ camera (Rugged 4k Bridge Camera | LUMIX FZ330 | Panasonic UK & Ireland) and am thinking of moving to a separates system.

The move to separates is driven by the desire to have a fast long lens for wildlife.

It seems that full size DSLR is effectively dead and that mirrorless in either full frame or so called micro 4/3 is the standard. There’s also a major bias to video features which is understandable though of secondary interest for me.

The choice of equipment is somewhat bewildering and there are many purveyors of used equipment out there too (good used is definitely an option).

Have you been through a similar process recently, any thoughts or observations on the current market/equipment.

I’m not a newbie to photography having owned an Olympus OM based based 35mm separates system in the past and have mainly had bridge cameras in the last 20 years or so.

I started off with a new, entry level Nikon DSLR (D60) kit after borrowing a bridge camera for a trip and seeing everyone else with their DSLRs. That did me well for the best part of a decade before deciding I wanted to treat myself. to something better. I’ve no interest in video other than for what my phone can provide.

The cost of a new body higher up the range was prohibitive so I looked at second hand. I ended up buying a D7100 body with a relatively low shutter count which worked well with the 3 lenses I already had: 35mm f1.8, 18-55mm and 70-300mm zooms. I’ve since replaced the 18-55 with the 18-140mm zoom that was part of the original D7100 kit and that’s been great for when I want to go (relatively) lightweight.

The 70-300 zoom isn’t that fast, but it does have VR which give good results handheld (I don’t have a tripod). You may want to go faster for wildlife, but it can get expensive fairly quickly. If you stick to APS-C rather than full-frame the lens will have longer reach.

The DSLR and all the bits can be hefty, but for me the cost vs results make it worthwhile. All my kit is second-hand except the 35mm prime lens.

I’ve gone the opposite way. I had 35mm for 30+ years.
Then moved to Sony alpha DSLR’s for about 10 years.
And now on a lumix FZ82 bridge.
I find it much more convenient.
My old man is on DSLRs though, he’s far too serious about his photography.
Also quite well known in Yorkshire circles.

I have too many cameras and lenses, and my camera bag was getting heavier and heavier.

This was starting to become an issue when going on holiday (they would significantly eat into the 10Kg carry-on baggage limit, no matter how many I left behind!) and I eventually snapped one day at Thruxton when the logistics of carrying a full-frame DLSR, a long lens with a monopod to support it, etc was taking away from any enjoyment of watching the racing.

I bought a Sony RX10 Mk 4, which does everything that I need - fast, long lens, reasonably lightweight, single box solution. Coupled with an RX100 for when I want something small and compact, and (dare I say it) my phone, I haven’t used any of my other photographic gear since getting it.