If your question is not in the Rally the FAQ section  (–FAQ.aspx) please post here and we will try our best to get back to you just as quickly as possible.

Just joined, 21.12 11th Sept, will I be able to receive my hanger and member card before Gaydon Rally? Do I have to request my hanger?



Edit: When I say joined, I mean the club, not the forum. Is there a Tapatalk version of this forum by the way?

Hi Neil,

Your pass will be sent out with your welcome pack in the next couple of days. Anyone signing up for new membership by next Friday 19th will receive their pack before the Rally.



I am leaving my 5 at home as my family want to come along.

Is there a separate entrance for non-mx5s?


Thanks, Grant

Hi Grant

Please see FAQ–FAQ.aspx  Second group of Qs - No you will be directed on arrival



Any update on the “Scenic Drives”?

We wanted to begin to plan our weekend.–The-Scenic-Drives.aspx


The Drives will be posted this evening, just finishing them off this afternoon to get them in format to get them uploaded to the Club site


New here and just got my MX 5 mk3 a few days ago,

As I’m going to the rally and joining on the day, though I would have a look on here to see if there is a list of meeting

up points before going on to the rally as a group, would be grateful if anyone point me to where the list is please.




hi Ned, maybe you should contact the eastern people;
contact details will be there, it’s not exactly your area but they will be passing through on the day. see you at gaydon

When will details be sent to those who have entered the car competitions?

Usually have an e-mail sent with information needed.

i believe this has already been sent from the Competitions Coordinator Ian Mchattie directly - drop him a line on and he will advise you directly

Resending the entry information. Thanks Ian

I have my ticket to hang on the mirror but cant find my membership card…do I need it??

Contact membership to get your number and write it on the hanger so you can get your goody’s   remember that the gates open at 10:30

Do have another good rake for it, check that safe place! you know the one, in it you will find lots of things I keep putting there! but in more seriousness it is an important Club document and proof of your membership, so do bring them along


Mal, you will be asked to show your membership card when you come to registration desks. 


Well done to the organising team for a great day, where`s all the photos going?


there is another thread with photos in this section, which I’m sure you’ll have found it already

I forgot to go collect my “extra” gift for the colour parking. Is there any chance of getting it now, or am I too later. Not worried if I am, but thought I’d ask.

Yes, but given it’s fragile nature will be tricky. PM me