anybody in Berkshire area with mk3 2.0ltr and a cobalt exhaust?

As above, I really need to buy a back box and cant decide, was going to push the button on a cobra “race” today but not sure if too loud. Happy to meet up somewhere local and have a listen if anybody if anybody is around this weekend.



yup (Cobalt rear box), near M4 J12 but not available until Sunday evening or Monday. 

PM me if I can help.



I’m in Leeds and nowhere near so can’t help, and I’ve no experience with the Cobra.

However, if you think that the Cobra might be too loud and that you can’t live with it, then buy the Cobalt.


I have the Cobalt, it sounds great at street speeds, and I’m not sure that it’s any louder than stock at motorway cruising speed.

Best of both worlds for me.

Sounds good where you want it to and not over powering where you dont.

I’m South Worcestershire but might be a bit far.

I have a 2.0 MK4 with a Cobalt, probably not too much use though as a different engine architecture. Near J11 M4.

Decided on the BBR GTI supersport back box. Looks good and the chrome tips don’t sit too proud of the rear diffuser. Sounds so much better than standard but does not drone on the motorway. Has a deeper sound than the standard really noticeable when you start the car.
Having the deeper sports sound is addictive and might want more in time, so thinking maybe take out the second cat? I’ve read that the second cat doesn’t really do anything although I might have that wrong!
Anyhow thanks for offers of seeing 5’s with back box’s and can recommend BBR GTi