Anyone else get lost?

 Or just me… The Sat Nav/postcode in sent me to a farm track, no where near the placeCry  another 5 behind me aswell.

Still, One bonus which cheered me up, was that non members like me did not have to pay, just walk over the bridge,  Nice tip from the steward, so i gave him a £2 donation.


The Club appreciates your support.

These events are not simple or cheap to stage. We ask for a very modest ticket contribution for non members to attend.

But as long as you enjoyed the day.

Yes it was good, and the weather was kind to us too, I was all willing to pay the entrance fee tbh but the stewards were pointing us the in the direction of the bridge, but no one was at the bridge to give the money to,Still i joined the club on the day & helped a charity with a donation, so all is good.Big Smile


 Happy to hear we have another new member,