Anyone from N Devon?

Hi Folks!

Seriously looking for an NC 3.5, any help, advice or vehicles seen would be gratefully received. I’m just outside Barnstaple but am willing to travel to get a good car.

I’m also keen to do some basic maintenance myself, but have little experience, so any guidance or tutelage here would be great!!

Thanks everyone :sunglasses:

Welcome from Execeter :slight_smile:

I got my NC 3.5 from Holcombe Cars in Taunton.
They are not an MX5 specialist as such but like to keep some in stock as they sell quickly and have little comeback.
They seem to have links with Mazda dealers in the Southwest in order to get part exchanges in good nick.

There is an MX5 specialist in Bideford, I don’t think they sell cars but they may know of a customer thinking of selling