Anyone going from Nottingham on Sunday morning?

I am from South Wales but I guess no one from there will set off from Nottingham on Sunday as I stay in my friend’s on Saturday

Would be nice if I can find someone to go with me [:P]

 Members from Northampton will be travelling up the M1 on Sunday morning, passing Trowell Services at c. 9.00 am ish (we leave Northampton at 07.30 hrs).

Would you like us to drive through the Service Area to collect you?

That would be great

I will PM you my phone number and will see you on Sunday

 nice one… right in the spirit of it all :slight_smile:

 Peaks and Pennines members are meeting at JCT31 off the M1, 8.30 for 9am depart,

depending how long you stop at trowell services we may have caught you up by then,

will PM my mobile so we can co ordinate on the morning,  if that is acceptable to you and your members ?




as I suggest, talk to Ken (black bess) as he knows more and he can arrange with other Northampton


Hi Pete,

By my reckoning, JCT 31 is 36 miles up from Trowell Service Area, which means that we should be hitting it at c.09.30 hrs.  Are you prepared to hang on for half an hour?

My mobile is 07825 344620

Ken (Black Bess)

 Hi Ken

I’ve made a note on the NEM forum about your drive - so there might be a few more to pick up on the way

Just be mindful of the speed restrictions on the M1 widening between J25 and J28 (50mph average speed cameras [8o|])


see you when you get there [Y]



Quick update on convoy so far,

John is coming up A1 with Northants crowd, meeting at Blyth services around 9-15 / 9-30 am, where we will be meeting up with them,

then on up A1 along M18 to Jct. 5 Doncaster north services, where we will meet up with Ken approx 10-20 am,

we intend to carry on up M18 to M62, exit Howden, where we ( P&P) pick up another member, then take a B road to Elvington.

John is bringing approx 8 cars

Ken approx 12/15

Peaks and Pennines app 6 cars

plus of course any others who would like to tag along, NEM’s should be passing our way ?

should be a great sight so many 5’s in convoy, just hope the weather stays kind to us[H]

see you all on Sunday rain or shine.[um][st][ip]



I am heading over from Manchester on the sunday (all being well ) is it alright if i tag along and meet you on the Howden turn of on the M62.

By the looks of thing you should be their about 10.45 approx. 




The more the merrier !

I hope the speed restrictions on the M1 do not delay us too much - please don’t leave the rendezvous points without us!

 Minor point of correction - John’s group is the Fenland Fives, travelling up the A1.

The Northampton Group is coming up the M1 / M18 and meeting everybody at the Doncaster North Service Area at Junc 5 on the M18.

We hope to get there for 10.20 ish.

Ken  07825 344620


there might be a few, but most of us are going up on Saturday [um]

Enjoy the convoy [au]

 My apologies John and Ken, i must have got your mobile numbers mixed up this morning when we had discussion, minor point as you say Ken

main thing is we get as many as possible attending Sunday, the bigger the convoy the better[Y]

all are welcome to join in, wherever on the route, or catch us up as we pass by.


Looks like this post is my biggest achievment on this forum so far!
Turning from a ‘help the lonely’ post to a convoy rally post![Y]


See you at 9 on Sunday Ken, and other 25ish people

 sorry for this i will not be meeting you at Howden we have decided to stop over in york (wifes choice).

Just when i was looking forward to a convoy runber duck.

 Bad luck bObuilder - women eh? [:(]

Note to all - folks have advised me that Northampton to Doncaster should only take 2.5 hrs, so hopefully we shall be at the M18 Junc 5 Service Area for 10.00 am [:D]

 Thats great Ken, you may be there first and have to wait for rest of us, but am sure we will all wait for each other.

think our numbers are up to 8 now, with more joining as we speak

wash the car, [st] don’t bother[ip] wash the car[li][:@]  will wait 5 mins and try again

see you all sometime am ish


 Chaps & Chapesses


That B-road from Howden is a great drive. I posted the road number in an earlier post…


The local plod use it to train their motorcyclists. It isn’t that testing just good fun - you lucky devils driving the 5’s there tomorrow. If the weather is good look out for other local motorcyclists in their possees…they like it too. Once all the bends stop there is a smashing straight bit of road 2-miles to open it up for a blast!


Not got my 5 yet so be turning up in my diesel estate Avensis for the day of looking at all your machines and a chat.


Storms up here the last 2-nights - hoping for some sunshine tomorrow.


See you there!