Anyone got Mazda chrome repeater rings on their NC?

  1. My model of MX-5 is: NC 3.5

How do you remove the lenses to replace bulbs with the rings fitted? It looks like there should be enough clearance for them to move, but I can’t get them out. Is it possible, or do the rings have to come off?

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You don’t remove the lens; the bulbs fit from the back of the lamps. The whole lamp unit slides to one side (Back??) to allow the whole lamp to be removed from the hole in the wing, giving access to the bulb. They will be stuck to the panel and not easy to slide. Run some dental floss behind the lamp to break the seal.


Hi, Thanks, you’re right I meant the whole assembly, not just the lens. I can get it to move, just not enough. I’m not sure if the ring is preventing it from moving enough. I thought I’d check if it’s possible to remove without removing the rings before I apply any more force :grimacing:

I have those chrome rings fitted. They are stuck down with 3M tape.
I had cause to fit a different light unit so the rings had to come off. So it would be the same if replacing bulbs as you need to get a slim flat blade (or old credit card) behind the unit to unclip them.
Use the same method to release the sticky tape behind the ring, probably a little heat (hairdryer) on it to soften up the tape.

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Mine were attached to the indicator body and not the wing, The indicator body has a large securing ‘clip’ and a notch to hold them in place. It helps if you know what it looks like so you can try with a card etc to push them out. This advert (although not for original part) shows a pretty good idea of the back of the indicators so you know where to attempt removal. The securing points are at posiitions 3 and 9 oclock when fitted on the car. If i remember correctly moving them towards the back will line up the larger clip with the cutout on the wing for removal (same part for MK1 as on NC)

It’s these I think the OP has…

Definitely attached to the body by tape or as some suggested in the reviews silicone.

I fitted original Mazda repeater rings to my 2.5 and am concerned that it might not be possible to remove the lamp holder (I think it slides rearwards and pulls out while pushing in a small tab?) without removing the ring, if you do remove the ring be sure to make a note of its radial orientation as it ha a subtle profile to fit the curve of the wing.

Yep, they’re the ones. I was going to fit LEDs in there. If I can’t remove the repeaters without removing the rings I’ll probably hold fire until a bulb fails. Thanks folks :slightly_smiling_face:

Is it not possible to remove the arch liner and access them.

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