Anyone here from the Norwich (or surrounding) area?

just be nice to look out for cars in the club.



 There’s loads of us [H]

Get yourself in the Club, come along to one of the Meets and start having more fun - we’re famous for it [;)]

yep definately a few of us about [:)]

Just back from a very nice early evening drive to Hemsby and back, roof down, great fun!



 Just a thought, what if I turn up to a meet in something other than a MX-5? Will I be instantly ostracised? I am looking for one, honest, but I must be too picky, seen 4 so far and rejected them all (for reasons various).

Do I dare front up in a big, blue V70?

I remember turning up to an Eastern meeting once in my Fiesta van, there was a fair amount of amusement, but all in “the best possible taste”[;)]

 Hi Ian,

I’m in Norwich and have also just purcahsed my new Eunos Roadster. Easy to spot me, its bright yellow [H]

Think i saw your 5 when i was looking, can’t forget a plate like that!!

Will be going to the next Eastern Region, Norfolk Area Meeting. Why not come along [:D]

The eastern region are a friendly bunch, they never mind me having a hard top on, and that one time I brought the “wrong” 2 seater nobody lynched me or anything.

I’ll be at the next meeting on the A140 - whatever you drive in it will be less scabby and awful than my MX5.

 Im always around Norwich in my 5.  Will look for you…