Anyone in Boston?

hiya all just wondering if there’s anyone members in Boston Lincs who might know anything about a mk3 for sale at marriots Mazda. 

Its a black 09 plate roadster coupe. Can’t get over myself to have  a look till end of next week 

Thanks people 

I don’t live in Boston, but have recently been a customer of Marriotts.

I traded in my MK3.5 for a ex demo 2ltr Sport Nav.

They are a family run business and have been selling Mazda’s for years. They gave me a good deal and believe in good customer service. I dealt with a guy in sales called Nathan who was very helpful.

If you ring Marriotts and ask for Nathan I’m sure he will give you a complete rundown on the car, most of their cars seem to be locally owned, sold and serviced by Marriotts.







Agree with last post. Traded my white Suzuki Swift Sport for a used Mazda 3 from them last year and dealt with Nathan. Very happy with everything. Not come across a black mk 3 r/c on any of our runs. Think Nathan would fill you in with some history if you asked.


Had a look. It’s a nice sound car having a test drive it drove very well but I think I need to wait for a 2.0. Having tried a 2.0 soft top felt the bigger engine is a better choice. Just need to keep an eye out. If anyone knows or sees a 09 or later roadster coupe would be interested. Thanks people 

Had 3 2litre mk3s and agree good decision. Have several people in the club who bought 1.8s but quickly swapped for the bigger engine. Might be a Niseko for sale privately and will check it out and let you know. Have a club meeting tonight at the pub in Hagworthingham if that’s near you. Larini back box should sell very easily. Had one on mk2s - great sound.

Thanks. ???