Anyone know ft57ggp?

hiya all any know FT57 GGP. Sold by nunns and for sale at martin atkinson in Scunthorpe? 

This was the car I was referring to in my last post but the owner had already passed it on to the dealer. Last owner is a club member and had to let the car go due to difficulty getting in and out. Also a classic car owner. It was immaculate when he bought it and if anything was improved whilst he had it. Pity he didn’t offer it for sale within the club first. Like new under the bonnet. Excellent car if a little pricey.

Will have a gander next weekend.  Agreed it is a little on the pricey side but if you don’t ask you don’t know 

If anyone hears of a 2.0 roadster coupe for sale please let me know.