Anyone near Newport or Bristol who can let me use their coils to fault find?

Hey guys,

I’ve got a problem with my car idling like ■■■■ when it’s hot. It’s driving me mental. I’ve tried a different MAF, cleaned the TB, new plugs etc.

Does anyone near Bristol or south Wales have a 2.0 I can borrow the coils off to rule them out? After that I’m down to possibly an O2 sensor but I want to rule the coils out first.

Any help woild be great!


Hi Adz, can I suggest that you contact the Western Area MX5OC as your area of Newport / Bristol is not an area covered by the SW which could be why your request remains unanswered. good luck.

I’m near Bristol and have a 2.0. You need to come here and do a quick swap or meet in brizzle?

1 year old request, closing.