Anyone selling a Mk1 Eunos auto

Based in the West Midlands and looking for a clean, solid and ideally low mileage example .

Rare as rocking horse doo-doo these days, as perhaps you are finding out hence your post.
Had mine 16 years so far…and it’s going nowwhere.
I’d really advise you to contact a few known specialists these days, for as you are doubtless aware, rot is our No1 enemy. I’d also advise going for the 1840cc version. The JatCo boxes are bullet proof, and better than earlier ones. Performance, and ignore blob-chart figures, pretty equal to it’s manual sisters if you use the Hold button in S mode…and nail it… :wink: :wink:
(If you don’t mind Jaguar 4.2 litre-ish MPG while you are doing it!)
Also, BRG ones are allegedly quicker… :blush:

:sweat_smile: good advice thanks.

I have one in Stourport on Severn…07414940489

Well that’s not too far away. Can you give me any details?

I’m happy to chat, there’s lots to tell!

hi there

I have just posted mine for sale and then seen your post about wanting an auto. See link below

Hope you don’t mind but should I avoid the 1.6 as someone has sent me details of one.
Also, when did that Jatco 1.8 engine come out.
Also I do like BRG :blush:

I cannot say whether you ought to discount 1600 versions. It all depends how you view your requirements and how you need to use it. If you were to come across a genuine minty fresh pristine low miler with zero rot issues, low miles, few owners, and a good history then it might be your no-brainer.
Jatco makes the transmission. Nothing to do with the engine.
Some of the 1.6’s had weedy 90 BHP versions of the 1.6 twin cam common to all 5’s, but I don’t know which. Softer camshafts to add torque…or something. Back in the day these soft engines were sought by the forced induction brigade however so they had a value in other ways.

Given a torque converter needs torque…hardly surprising. I drove one before I bought what I did 16 years back, and felt ( personally) that a fully laden milk float could have ripped it off such for me was the sluggish performance. Any “sports car” with less than the old benchmark of 100 BHP per ton is not going to be great really on today’s cut and run roads…with the exception of the classic era. Hundreds of others must have been happy with that for multiple decades however. For me, it was a bit pathetic. Each their own. The 1840cc Auto’s engine is identical to the manual of it’s production years, with 129/130/131 BHP…and the difference is quite a difference. It will play keepy-uppy in give and take urban traffic with no bother.

As with buying any old “smoker” it’s always worth simply checking the DVLA MOT history before you even talk to the vendor. You can build a snapshot of previous issues and quiz the vendor on them. Sometimes there will be minor fixable old car wear & tear mentions & silly advisories, some will make you walk off pronto.

Kinda sums it up. Manual of course getting a wee caning.
Add a bit to the 10 secs 0-60 for the slush box.

About the same as my company 1978 Chrysler Avenger Estate pooh-box.

All said, these days of increasing rarety I’d plump for a rot-free, peachy, provenanced 1600 slusher all day long over a patchy 1840cc. Then I’d set about it getting it mildly turbo’d or supercharged ( around 150 bhp would do me) if the mill was tested and clearly fit. Mileage is to a degree irrelevant all the more today, condition is all , and further more colour, trim, and age is becoming more of secondary consideration.

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Lots to tell. Van load of spares. If interested mail

I have just purchased a 1990 euros 1600 auto in BRG (neo?). The tan leather is in great condition but I need a new tan hood. Any idea the best place to go Distance not a concern (I live near Leeds)

Aye, Neo Green is the sparkly BRG.
Be careful if ordering touch-up paint. Same ruddy code number!
Wirral any use?
180 miles round trip. Not a lot really.
I’ve got a new Prestige hood ready to fit and it’s very nice.