Anyone used an aircon condenser as a chargecooler radiator?

Hey! first post in the section, apart from the faq’s.

So, has anyone tried using an AC condenser as the radiator for a chargecooler system? 

Or failing that, has anyone who’s removed an AC system got any recollection of roughly what size the inlet piping is on the condenser?  I assume it’ll be pretty restricted compared to the 19mm hose typically used for chargecooler heat exchangers and pumps.  Maybe not completely out of the question for non-track use, though.

I’ve seen it done with an auto rad. It’s in split in 2 sections with a smaller lower rad that would cool the gearbox converted into an intercooler.

It is a small bore around 8mm IIRC but if using a high pressure pump I guess it could work.

Personally I’d just buy a suitable sized rad and fix it to the existing rad they aren’t expensive nor hard to fit.

no smaller really than the pipes on my PWR

I’d do the same if I didn’t want a/c…

I guess I’d use one of those ubiquitous Bosch pumps, used as auxiliary coolant pumps on lots of VWs and other cars.  (Nearly got one dirt cheap on eBay the other week - bloke posted it as an “Auxhillary” pump, so hardly anyone found it and bid.)  I can probably cobble something together to raise the drive volts as the chargecooler heats up.