AON renewal

Been in the club since 2000 always just renewed with AON, always had good service but reading on here it seems savings could be had. Just rang them to ask why my renewal was so high. Told that AON can only quote from one company (I thought they were independant brokers) Anyway I was put through to a “sister” company, Footman James and quoted almost £200 less for unlimited milage plus Europe wide breakdown cover.

ps it’s not Christine, it’s me Peter aka Domus

Can I change it please?

Footman James are now AON.  AON took over FJ or they merged somehow and as I understand it old business is still going to be with AON but any new business will be handled under the FJ name.  It does seem a bit confusing and people are getting all sorts of slightly different stories at the moment.  As the Club scheme is with AON/FJ then what we really need is a proper statement from the Club/AON to explain it all to us.  I think I know where I can get that so will chase it up.

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 I’ve tried contating AON for a quote but most of the email addresses keep being returned. We don’t have the details under club benefits on the website and the STHT’s at home. Anyone got any updates?

 I have switched insurance to Footman James,

I was with Direct line and the renewal price was £389 with £850 excess.

Phoned Footman James and it was £217.80 with £250 excess


Little choice really

 It’s a bit of a mess.

I was with AON, then they said I would be with FJ this time.

FJ say AON are not too good at tranferring your old info … so check it. You may not be getting the same cover as before. The recovery firm is not RAC, for example.

 Hi Taff, Do you have your car alarmed or an imobiliser? as FJ would not quote my wife without.

 Yes I have a TOAD Ai606 THATCHAM CAT 1 CAR ALARM with a microwave sensor


Got it supplied and fitted by SAC on Flea bay (about £250)