Are Avon ZZ5 (F) and Bridgestone Potenza R050A (R) good enough?

My newly acquired mk3.5 has the following tyres

Front - 5 mm

Avon ZZ5  (manufactured 2015)

Rear - 5 mm

Bridgestone Potenza R050A  (manufactured 2014)

Any views on these (I know it’s better to have all four the same)?

Any urgency to get them replaced or matched up or should I wear them down before fitting my favourites (Michelin PS3)?

Last June, I replaced the original Bridgestones, on my Mk3.5, with Avon ZZ5.  The immediate difference was how much quieter the Avons were.  There are no issues with the handling, just as good as the Bridgestones, but as yet I can’t determine how they are wearing.  I did get 34,000 out of the Bridgestones and if I get a similar mileage from the Avons, I’ll be well pleased.

Depends on mileage, finances and your own preferences I suppose. Have a careful look at them though to see if any have been plugged or kerbed as that might sway a decision.

New tyres seem to have dropped in price recently. I noticed it a few weeks ago on our daily driver. Is it due to the oil price? This size RE050A used to be £120 each a couple of years ago now they’re £82 at Camskill and the Avons are £80 so you could go for 2 of either for not a lot of money (watch the load ratings if you want them all the same).

Does it make any noticeable difference if you fit 4 tyres with an 88 load rating instead of the oe 84?


there seem to be a lot more 88 load rating tyres listed online. 

Thanks - at least neither of these are terrible tyres. When I bought my mk2.5 it was almost undriveable due to ancient tyres.

Interesting point about load rating. I assume 88 are stiffer than 84, and for a light car might not perform at their best.

The Avons are 88W and the Bridgestone are 84W on my car.

Any tyre gurus have a view on this?

They both have a good rep and look similar pattern (if that matters). 84 is the OE rating and 88 is a higher load rating which is more widely available. I too would have assumed 88s were stiffer, maybe or not, but it’s what they are rated to carry.

I’ve been testing them on some roundabouts and notice the front tends to slip first - not ideal. So I think I will get a couple more Bridgestones to match them up.