Are you a "Night Owl" or a "Morning Lark"..?

I know much of this depends on working commitments for one thing, but given the choice, which one is you?!

I think I’m a bit of a night owl - won’t sleep till 2am or be up before 10.30am… :slight_smile:

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Definitely a Night Owl.


Some may be easy to fathom by seeing the timing of replies…! :rofl:


Night Owl :owl:
Although night shift doesn’t help :rofl:


Morning lark here

Bed at 9.30, wide awake at 5.30. Wish I could break the cycle. Work in the week, golf at 7am Saturday doesn’t help…

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Been up an hour (around 7am) usually anything between 7.30 and 8am we are up. In bed from 10.30-11.30pm, depending on my ability to keep my eyes open.:roll_eyes:

I used to be going to bed at 7am when working, about 20 years working nights, use to get up at around 3pm or sooner if I couldn’t sleep.

Missus always up early when working or retired, she sometimes has me take her to Sainsbury’s before 8.30 am before the masses.:dizzy_face:

You won’t get any sympathy for getting up early to play golf ! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Night owl here btw.


What does “morning” mean?

Well I’ve been both at different stages during my life. Currently as an OAP I’m a “Lock-down Lizard”. I get up some time after 9:00am and go to bed some time around 9:00pm.


I’m definitely an AM person, up at 0600 most days.
Everything is better in the morning :wink:

Sleep ? where Im heading I aint got time for sleep :rofl:

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I’m seldom asleep after 06:30 and seldom asleep before midnight. Once I’m awake in the morning I usually think of some job that needs doing, whether I’m working or not. If I set my alarm I’ll usually hear it go “click” and reach out and cancel it before it rings a second later.

Possibly dates back to when I was on overnight emergency call out. We had to be able to go from snoozing in a crew bedroom to airborne within twenty minutes. Even now, twenty three years on, if I hear a certain telephone ring tone, my pulse rate goes right up. The tone is the one that used to be the emergency “scramble” phone.

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Up for work 5 days a week at 4.35 on the road at 5 am so early bird and love the top down and the bird song !!!

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Definitely a night owl, due to sleep disorders I have awful trouble waking up in the morning, which means I miss sunrise, but get plenty of opportunity to do sunsets :slight_smile: