Audio and Bluetooth question...

Hello all,

Well, finally picked up the car today and love it. What a beautiful day to pick up a convertible. :-).

Anyway, a bit confused… Can I listen to music from my iphone through the bluetooth? Or do I need to get one of those jacks to plug into the aux?

Someone told me that if you did it through the bluetooth then you can hop through tracks etc from the controls on the steering wheel whereas you can’t do this if it’s plugged into the aux?

Cheers. Jo.

Bit more information required here I think.
What is the radio fitted, how old, does it definately have full Bluetooth compatibility or just hands free phone?

Thank you for replying.

Car is 2014. Just picked it up today. It’s the sport Tec, so no sat nav. It’s got bluetooth, and has the Bose system.

Does that help?! :slight_smile:

In my 2011 Sport Tech, which sounds as if it’s got the same setup as you,the Bluetooth is only for the phone to make calls etc and the only way I can get my music to play is by connecting to the aux socket. Doing it this way, of course, there’s no control via the wheel etc.

Hmmm… That’s what I thought. There’s nothing in the book about playing music through the Bluetooth and I couldn’t figure out how to do it. It was just the guy at Mazda said you could, but they don’t always know each model and spec.

Thanks all for your help. :slight_smile:

I thought this years model had bluetooth music streaming but perhaps that’s only with the navigation head unit.

Spoke to the dealer last night. He thinks it’s to do with phone settings rather than the car?!

He said pop by and he’ll have a look. I’ll keep you posted!