Auto Jumble at the Spring Rally

We have thought about running an Auto Jumble at the Spring Rally, as a way of clearing out those spare parts you no longer need or tracking down that certain something you have been looking for.

It will work very simply, you label what you bring along, stating what model, engine size etc that it is suitable for and your name and price. If we sell it you collect your money, if not you take your parts home.

At this stage it would be helpful if you could either post here or preferably reply to the poll as to whether this is something that is of interest to you.

 Great idea Nick…{#emotions_dlg.thumb}

I Agree 

At Goodwood and Tatton Park, auto jumbles were run; the deal was the club retained a percentage of the sales, which was fair enough considering someone has to man it.


But the club does not pay the person who runs it, therefore is is pure profit for the club!

I don’t see a need the club to keep anything from the takings, now it x% went to charity that would be different, but then we get into the question which charity.


 No, what I meant was it is entirely reasonable for the club to extract a modest commission (which went to charity I think). Those manning the autojumble didn’t exactly enjoy the day, as I recall, as they were dealing with enquiries of “will this fit my car” and “will you take an offer”. I ended up getting roped in at Tatton, while emptying the contents of my boot.


I don’t know whats the attitude of traders to this; people like Sam Goodwin and Autolinkuk effectively run an autojumble as well. They might not mind.


The alternative is for members to car boot it, which has happened. So, a central table, with money box and change giving is a bit of a perk.

I’d be happy to man an Auto Jumble for the Club, I reckon I’d enjoy it. I can’t see why the Club should take a profit really, for charity or not.


Then you could demonstrate how to fit each part. Big Smile


Just bumping this up to see if there is any more interest. The percentage so far are in favour, but I want to make sure that we have plenty of parts to sell before setting up the stall etc.

 Sounds like a good idea to meBig Smile

 I’ll bring along any unwanted spares. A great way to clear a bit of space and maybe even get some goodie points for clearing out some “rubbish”!!

Sounds like a good idea Nick, i’ve got plenty of bits and bobs to sell, if you want a list please let me know.

Mind you i will probably buy more and come home with twice as much ??  

 Hi Nick, If you need any volunteers to man the stall ?? , I would be happy to help out for a few hours on the Sunday.

Cheers Geoff

Hi Geoff

Thats great, thank you. I’ve added your name to the list, we now have 4 volunteers.

Well, the response has been good so we will have an auto jumble stall on Sunday 22nd May, manned by volunteers.

So, now its up to you, the MX5 owners coming along to fill your boots with all of those bits that have been laying around gathering dust, that someone else could well be searching for.

If you can label the items with your name and the price you want before handing them over then that would be really helpful. We won’t be doing any haggling on anyones behalf on the day, you name the price and if someone buys it then you collect your cash, simple as that.

There is no charge for selling your items, although we will have a collecting tin for a Prostrate Cancer charity if successful sellers wish to make a donation.

See you all there.


Thumbs up

Just bumping this along as there seems to be a lot of interest. Dig through that spares box and see if you can turn anything into cash…to buy more spares.

So far I have found in my spares box:


Complete set of new orange reflectors

Nice strut brace

Mariner Blue MKI Gate Model

Roadster sill trims

MK2 Interior door handles

MK1 1.6 inlet manifold


and more to come

Big Smile


We will ask anyone that we sell anyhting for to make a small donation to charity:


The charity name is “The Prostate Cancer Charity” and their web site if you
want to have a look at it is