Auto Jumble Stall

A big thanks to the guys that ran the Auto Jumble stall at the Spring Rally.

They collected £81.76 for The Prostate Cancer Charity, all donations from generous OC members.

edit: have just paid the money direct to The Prostate Cancer Charity account


Firstly, I’d just like to add my thanks to all the people on the auto jumble stall that put in alot of time and effort and raised a nice little some of money for charity. I’d sold my stainless exhaust literally as I walked up to the stand!

Secondly, (not too sure if this is the best place to ask) I noticed someone by the name of ‘Reg’ with an original genuine Mazda exhaust for sale on the stall. I left my contact details with the guys running the stall but I did’nt get reply and when I returned at the end of the day to collect something of mine that did’nt sell, the guy and his exhaust had gone home! So, if this was you, can I ask you PLEASE to contact me on here and I’ll be interested to hear from you soon.

Thanks again to all the people (especially Sarah) who put in so much hard work to make this a very enjoyable event! Looking forward to the national event now!


Interestingly enough we calculated that the Auto Jumble stall turned over almost £1000. Thats a lot of parts and hopefully a good few happy MX5 owners.

 Hi Everyone

Brilliant result and thanks to all who helped on this stall, I have also come home with some bits from the Auto Jumble that do not belong to me. Have brought them home for safe keeping.

Caravan awning in a blue holdal bag

Caravan door mirror

If anyone wants to make claim to these let me know, otherwise we will put them in the Christmas raffle which also goes to charity.

Thanks everyone well done and well worth having this stall.

Best Wishes

Sarah xxxxxx (Mazda Chick)


 Hi Sarah,

The awning and mirrors were donated to the stall with a make an offer on them and whatever they made was to be put into the collection pot !!



Hi Geoff Thanks for the reply, okayanyone wants an awning or mirror for their caravan let me know, otherwise what I will do is put this in the Christmas raffle which money raised will also go to charity.



hi paul, i only just spotted you thread mate, the exhaust box is from my 2005 icon, and had only done 3,000 miles when removed for me to fit a dual larini,

  im on  07889841496,  

 Hello (Reg?)

Just wondering if this exhaust is still for sale and where in the world you are?

Also, wondering if you will be willing to take an offer on it? {#emotions_dlg.wink}


Well done to all of those that contributed to a worthy cause…


Well done all Thumbs upwell done