auto on roadster

Hi could anyone tell me if the hold button on a 94 roadster autobox has a seperate fuse to supply power to it a couple of weeks ago i blew a fuse in the radio line and since then it has not worked, but look as i may i cant find which one it is any help gratefully accepted

I can’t directly answer your question, but when checking fuses you should generally try replacing them (or checking continuity) rather than just looking for a break - they can look intact and still have blown.

 I wouldn’t have thought that they would have been related in anyway, but stranger things have been known to happen.

These are the wiring diags for your year, the bit you want is at the lower left on page 31. I can’t find any info about the “Power train control module” but it appears to have two power feeds, 1 from the Room Fuse, the other from the Meter fuse. You can find the fuse layouts in the electrical FAQ HTH