Auto to manual

Hi all I would have thought this has been covered …but can’t find  thread.I am about to collect my new toy 1991 roadster 1.6 120 bhp import automatic. Around 45 k miles.Full history no rust perfect except auto,I have also bought a mk2 1.8 to use as a doner car then break to try and get some cash back.

So what I need help with is the electrical side of the conversion I have looked on the web but results seem confusing and none specific to the mk1 1.6 ,not worried about mechanical side but any info on wiring much some say change looms,ECU etc others bridge a few wires job done…Any help much appreciated thankyou

Have a look here, it’ll give an idea of the wiring but bear in mind it’ll be for the American market so there may be some slight differences.

Talk to Mark he’s done a few…

Got both cars now,removed all mechanical bits from doner,not too bad a job.(ppf,gearbox,clutch master pedal and pipe,brake pedal(only),flywheel).Just started on the auto,having removed ignition switch found a cover held on by 3 screws removed and take locking plate out from below (that’s the gear selector safety lockout sorted),Clutch master

Is straightforward bolt in job even pipe clips are already present,brake pedal straight swop ,going to do a bit more today…still not sure on wiring but still trawling the net.


Welcome to the forum, good luck with your project, you seem to be enjoying it.

Any questions on this log on to menders and ask Wayne.

I have converted about 5/6 to manual and I have some wiring notes. Definitely no need to change main ecu.Unplug the small ecu that sits where clutch pedal would be.Secure and cable tie aside. Remove the blanking plate for clutch pedal to mount to.PM me and I can get wiring details later but its very simple.4 wires used only if I remember correctly. 2 wires are very heavy , inhibitor switch .starter motor, so you will need short lenght of 16? sq cable.Approx half the thickness of mx5 battery cable, maybe bit less.Basically you are bridging the starter wires ,but on the large plug that was connected to auto box.I have colours

There is no need what so ever to rewire the starter???the only bit of “rewiring” you need to do is with the manual gearbox…with the neutral and reverse switches…it is a pretty easy conversion to do and there is a lot of crap on the subject on line on what needs replacing…there was one on which is laughable. 

I will put it on the list to make a full walk through how to guide for owners to follow with 100% correct info from owners with spanners that do this stuff as second nature since time began, not guess or pass off wrong advice…



Thanks for the replies I have fitted clutch pedal and master cylinder,brake pedal,removed ignition switch interlock plate,Autobox is ready to drop out except can’t move drive plate to torque converter bolts will try cutting a 6 sided socket and welding to a long flat bar if that doesn’t work cutting will be the only other option…does anyone know if box will come out with torque converter still attached to engine ?Also manual car had 1 cooling fan(1.8)Auto had 2 fans (1.6…120bhp) what goes back in 1.6 as a manual?
I take it the small ecu referee to is the black large relay looking box mounted to the body by the bolt that is used to hold the clutch pedal brace?