Autoglym Headlight Restoration kit

Hi  my Mk 3, 2009 's headlights are getting the misty/peeling look.  Has anyone tried the AG kit to restore?  Was it any good?


I read the thread further down the page and PlastRX was mentioned.  Anyone used this with success?


If either of those do work is there anything that can be put on as a coating to protect against UV after the job?  I have some Finish Kare 1000p High temp wax that might work but would need reapplication fairly often.



hi i have used the AG kit on my head lamps and it worked a treat my friend


No need to buy a ’ headlamp renovation kit’ any decent cutting compound will do, if you find it is a bit coarse then just keep it wet with a few water squirts from a hand sprayer & then finish off with your favorite polish.

T-Cut or Autoglym paint restorer. The former I’ve only ever used on headlight lenses the latter is similar but not as harsh as the T-Cut. Apply by cloth and some elbow grease or on a mini buffing pad type of tool, Dremel or drill attachment.

I gave my Mk2 lenses a good buffing and they lasted well with just light refresh after a year or so.

just done mine …good results 


where did you get the drill attachment/buffing pad?



I used WD40 on my Mk3.5, a quick wipe cleared about 80% of the “mist” and a good rub with kitchen paper got rid of about 90% and it hasn’t reappeared after a couple of months and a few washes.

drill buffer from ebay 



The headlights on my Mk 3.5 had a cloudy scummy look, not enough to diffuse the light but they just didn’t look pretty. I bought the PlastRX from Halfords today ready to do the lights as part of a wash and wax later this week but couldn’t help a little sample rub to see if it would work. 

Marvellous stuff !  I ended up doing both lights and the longest part of the job was masking the edges. 

Obviously too early to see how it lasts but the results are almost perfect. On offer at the moment for £8 a bottle and you don’t have to wait for an Amazon white van man to drip oil on your drive and batter the door right next to a perfectly functioning doorbell. 

Id be interested in what to use to seal them. I though wax was part of the problem with plastic lights.