Aux in adaptor for NB facelift

Has anyone found one of these that works on a MK2.5 with the standard factory double DIN head unit?

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On the NC this connects to the socket where the cd multichanger would connect.
Does the MK2.5 have facility for a mulitchanger ?

The plug is there but none of the ones that I’ve seen say they are compatible with the earlier double DIN units.

I got one from MX5parts years ago (audiolink?) that said it was compatible but it never worked properly.

So it turns out that an iPod adapter from an NC will work with an NB double DIN head unit. Got an Apple 30 pin to lightning adapter on order to see if it’ll work with an iPhone.

I’ve run the cable from the audio unit under the carpet to under the passenger seat, the control box is on the carpet under the seat then the cable from the control box to the iPod runs under the passenger seat to the centre console.

It’s only Adele because the buttons on the Nano are knackered and A is obviously the first track on the iPod. Nothing wrong with Skyfall though…

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