Aux Jack Install

  1. My model of MX-5 is: __2006 Sport Roadster
  2. I’m based near: __Rugby
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: __Fitting a Aux Jack.
    I would like to fit an Aux Jack to my radio. I have looked on Youtube and it looks simple but when I took a look on my car there is already a plug in the place where the Jack should go. Arrowed on the picture. What is this plug for?
    Help please.


I had a connector there too on my 07 PRHT. It was for the optional Mazda iPod connection kit, in my case. I just removed it completely when I found the other end hiding behind the glovebox. There could be other options fitted to that socket, like an aftermarket bluetooth or aux/bluetooth. BTW mine was not the Bose headunit, I don’t know if that has something else fitted there.

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That looks like the standard Clarion radio. Does the car have an extra CD changer or an iPod connector?

If not, then that is just the loom for it. That connector is where I plugged in my CD emulator instead of the never used iPod option.

Try unplugging it (power off) and then see what stops working when you switch on the radio again, if anything.

Thanks Richard. No extra CD I am planning to use the Jack to connect to my phone. Not bothered about CD’s so no problem in losing it.


Further looking on Google shows the plug to be for a CD Changer. Maybe the previous owner had one.

If the radio is the standard unit, then that cable is for a CD multi changer, which doesn’t come fitted as standard.
If you have a plug in there already, then I’m guessing that you have a multi changer, or someone fitted a kit before hand, maube a parrot kit, or something along those lines.
A standard install wouldn’t have anything in that socket.