my avatar has suddenly decided to look like the 5 needs a new paint job.

it’s gone all mottled & strange looking. I just looked out the window & the car is still shiney with it’s 3 week old paint job so i assume it’s either my laptop or the forum site. I’ve change photos a few times with the same result. any suggestions?

this is the same pic on photobucket & my pc;


no its not. it’s still rubbish looking.???

Joe, are you resizing the pic before uploading it as an avatar?

no, but i will give it a go if i can figure out how. thank you Geoff,

as most blokes, i never read instructions before doing something.  


Instructions?..are these the bits of paper that come in flat-pack furniture to stop the bag of bolts rattling?

Big Smile

yeah, that’s the one. 

now my granddaughter (under 12) tells me the new paint is too shiny & it’s picking up on the avatar because not enough pixels.?!?!

I always thought those sat on toadstools at the bottom of the garden, i said.

i got that withering look that only kids can do.Confused

yh i think its just the resolution of the image ,

when you take a picture with a camera or phone you get a certain amount of pixels so 10 mp is better than 5 etc meaning that the 10 mp is a much higher resolution. when you then resize these images it looses it resolution to the point where it effects the detail on your image, there are ways around this with photoshop and other photo editing software,


hope this helped, or if you already knew this im sorry 


thanks zig.
now i'll have to tell the little sod she was probably right, Geek

hahah yep and you probalby can expect a certain reply like “i told you so”  Stick Tongue Out lol


More likely…“whatever”