Axle stands on frame rail ends?

  1. My model of MX-5 is: NBFL
  2. I’m based near: Coventry
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: whether it’s a good idea to put axle stands on the frame rail ends to support the car in the air.

I currently have the car supported on the normal pinch weld locations. However I’m going to need to do some major rust repair, and will have to cut out the sills where the axle stands currently hold the car. With this in mind, I’ll have to move the stands elsewhere to support it. Am I right in saying that the ends of the frame rails are double skinned and can thus support more weight? If so, will I be alright to place the axle stands there?


Yes I did just that on my Mk1/Mk2.
Just make sure those end pieces are rot free/solid.:+1:

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I’m not a fan of using axle stands when crawling underneath.
I’d personally feel safer if the car was up on ramps.
I’ve even used my ramps as axle stands in the past (decked out with timber)

Second what @MickAP said…doing a load of work on mine (NB)…double skinned frame rail.

The problem is I’ll need to remove the wheels so that I have good access to the sills and arches, so I need an alternative method to hold the car up.

You also, since wheels are coming off, protect your alloys in bubblewrap or similar, assuming and place them one on top of the other strategically. I’ve got 4 large & long blocks of pinewood I’ve had for years which I place around the door shut area for “belt & braces”…over and above a 2 tonne trolley jack. I jack the thing…on the rare times I have to, just enough to slip the blocks in, and let the jack down when I can see the blocks are taking the weight, but still leave the jack in.
Over kill? Perhaps…but I lost a good friend 25 years back when his SAAB jack failed (!) and he lay crushed to death for nearly a whole weekend .