Back from the Spring Rally

 Well folks I think we made the best of the time there - although I did get some funny looks in my Avensis Estate! It’s raining now in East Yorkshire - and whilst the Air Museum offers a great distraction today was all about cars. Saw some fantastic models obvoiusly treated like babies, and spoilt with hours of loving TLC. Although it’s a “common” car there are so many ways of making one your own! 

It was nice to see so many examples of new and old - it helped make my/our mind up. Tempted by the “W” reg Burgundy ICON model on sale in the parking…but I think it’s a 2.0litre or nothing.

Did anyone use the B1228? It’s a cracking drive!

So after a lot of chewing it over - it has to be the Mk.3 (or the facelift) 2.0litre Sport. The lads from Nidd Vale were very helpful, and raved about the paddle shift model driven across today! However I personally cannot see the fun in a paddle shift in such a thoroghbred sports car. Is it me or is it just a gimmic? Well I may not be a traditionalist - but the Mk.3 certainly is a hit with me.

You lot seem a friendly enough bunch - just hope next time we attend an event we actually own one of our own.

Seemed to be a great spot for a Rally - good choice.

Happy motoring everyone - until next time!

i think i was parked next to you and their was me thinking you had a new mk4  [:D]


Is there a Mk.4???[;)]

Must confess everyone we spoke with were reet nice folk!

Hope to get my 5 soon and then rediscover the pleasure of driving for fun at weekends. I still love driving whatever it is - but these machines are just the ticket. I could never afford a soft-top in my youth, then before I knew it I had to work for a living driving Cortinas/Sierras/Granadas/BMWs - but now zoom-zoom!

Looks like the North of Spain for the next few years - yippee. Sun, fun, wind in my hair (what’s left) & Rioja!